Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, genomic disarrangements, Metamorphosis, Self Portrait, Tommy


Metamorphosis occurs with insects, but rarely in human beings, unless I am watching a horror film or drawing. When doing an illustration, I am liberated to take a self-portrait and push up or down.

Metamorphosis. “Tommy can you hear me?“.

Most routines are safe in my hands, while genomic disarrangements bring out the artist.

29 thoughts on “Metamorphosis

      1. Oh i agree with changing, been in the process of changing some things myself. Yes it some changes have had some frightening views but
        once going forth to see the development to be on the outcome its definitly all worth the changes being made.


      2. I hope I make sense after a long day with students in a behavior classroom. Outcome to me is not important and cannot measure myself. I can take my temperature and feel momentum. I can feel the pressure in my face become more at ease with more understanding and clearer thoughts.

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  1. Interesting conceptualization of the human tendency for change. Like you said though, humans aren’t fortunate enough to go through an actual physical metamorphoses (besides puberty), like how insects do on a drastic level. Great piece, I enjoyed the art piece very much

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