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An interpretation from the aftermath.

I didn’t eat paella today, but did enjoy datiles rellenos as always. Anything with dates and bacon has to be good. Paired with a bourbon cocktail and a Spanish bread pudding, I started my sketch.

Asking the server to leave the plates, I sketched under a hot/bright light, only to really see my work later. Painting is another story. The Koi watercolors are different from any I have used in the past. They feel muted, and am trying to find my “sweet spot”.

Here is the link ( to the restaurant. It is truly one of Louisville’s more pleasurable places to eat.

9 thoughts on “Paella

    1. I’m going with “the crumbs”. This place is so good, there is never anything left to admire. I left the “remnants” sort of up in the air, fearing my paper would implode. It is difficult finding a sheet that allows pen, watercolor, prismacolor all at once. I don’t care for super smooth, so I generally use mixed media sheets.

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      1. Also, the paint is very muted and is close to the color I used. I see where you may have thought the paper might have been buff. No, it’s my paint. I run my images through Photoshop and do a minimal amount of color correction.


  1. It sounds like an amazing meal and a great restaurant – glad you’re treating yourself so well! And I like the bottomless feeling – it’s a bit disorienting, just the right amount, actually. ­čśë


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