Frankfort Avenue rescued

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Today, I began an illustration of Frankfort Avenue in Louisville. It is an old avenue with wonderful restaurants, coffee venues and people. The perfect place to sit, sketch and relax.

As the illustration progressed, I was pleased to share my sketch with people passing by and with my friend Kathy. It took me all day to believe I had succeeded in what I started, and to put it aside during dinner. I told myself that if I wished, I could bring out the paint to brighten and make it come “more alive”.

I was wrong. I hurried through the process, became aggravated and worked faster. Haste made waste and the sketch was ruined. I had just told Kathy the other day, that my ability to show patience had much improved. Sigh.

Thankfully, I took a photo of this image before I began painting. It was fun to sketch, yet the lesson in the art is not the art at all. It is the relationship and process within myself.

17 thoughts on “Frankfort Avenue rescued

  1. this is lovely;
    and I bet if you rinsed off most of the offending watercolors under the sink tap you might be able to rescue the piece!!
    I have done that, on occasion. LOL
    though, I do let the thing dry, before proceeding or I get another mess.


    1. I didn’t think of that. This illustration is in a large book, and would hate to tear out the page and loosen the binding. I have been walking past it, analyzing and painting. It may yet come to life.


  2. Hurrah for digital cameras, capturing what we think we went on to spoil. Often however, that seems to encourage regret. I’ve also got a pile of so so pieces I didn’t have the courage to go on with.


  3. Terrific drawing. I have a strange fascination with power line poles and cell towers.

    I’m just learning the ink and watercolor combo and often run into a similar situation as you have here. I’ve found that my watercolor sketches that are the most “successful” are those that I took a couple of minutes to carefully plan my white space where I want the paper to show, even if it’s just a couple little shapes or lines. It helps with depth and contrast.


    1. I agree with your thoughts and was hasty, as I mentioned yesterday. I knew what I wanted to do, but allowed myself to go overboard and saturate. I may go back to using regular watercolors for awhile and put the Ph. Martins away for a week or two.

      But thank you for the compliment.


  4. OK, I’m working backwards here, so now I see the B&W, and what you’re taking about with the color….but they’re different. The colro one’s bound to be more about the color and less about the tangle, no?
    Your final thought, above, is of course the crux, but I hope you aren’t too hard on yourself.


    1. Oh I was angry, then calm that I found it on my phone. It took a pic to show a friend. However, that doesn’t repair the damage from painting it and wish I had stepped back and took a breath.


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