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This is Ozzy and has been with me since he was 7-weeks old. As a Blue Heeler, his job is never done and has more energy than the sun. In fact, I am not certain if he actually sleeps, but my wife has observed him with eyes closed.

There is an intelligence with his breed that most dogs never reach, which makes training him a task. In fact, I can’t. The vet says, “all really intelligent dogs are difficult”.

Oh yeah. He’s difficult. He reminds me of me.

29 thoughts on “Ozzy

  1. Is a Blue Heeler the same as an Australian Cattle Dog? Working dogs are tough. Border Collies are geniuses, but working dogs tend to get bored without enough challenges or stimulation.

    Australian Shepherds are perfect. They have the smarts, terrifically athletic, but they don’t have that instinct to constantly work.

    You love them, regardless. Adopted a German Shepherd ages ago. Oh, the training. Overcoming her instinct to return to her original home. (Also abused.) But what a love. I think all that work makes you adore them even more.


    1. Yes ma’am, they are. They are tough indeed. When Ozzy was a year old, he couldn’t bear for me to be outside without him. He jumped through a vintage glass door and storm door to be with me. That cost $900 to replace. Damage to him – 0.

      My best friend has a 9 month old Australian Shepherd. Truly smart and your are right, athletic. A tad obnoxious.

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