Organic, Peace, Sculpture, Sculptured Sketch, Stone

When I used to carve stone, the little cracks and grooves suggested where to go. One line organized the next and another flowed from the other. I found harmony in the yield of the rock while satisfying myself. Somehow, we found a relationship and lived in peace.

Can it be done with line? I come close to allowing my hands to orchestrate the shape, yet I can’t hold or smell the outcome.

I miss the rugged artwork I used to create.

10 thoughts on “Organics

  1. beautifully peaceful and full of enough interest to keep me from being… ‘too peaceful!
    the monochromatic palette is So gorgeous.
    I find, sometimes…. that watercolor’s variances and its watery edges and lines it makes, is just abit like the stone you speak of. In that they can also suggest, where to go.
    this is a lovely painting. cheers, Debi


    1. I’m glad you feel and see what I was talking about. Since I have been having trouble with colors lately, monochromatic compositions have been more attractive. I have had the notion to change paint and try something new. Maybe this is the time.

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      1. Perfect, Barry! Its always better when there’s no time constraints or stresses hanging about. Having a lovely summer art retreat is a great thing!! Even when you’re not actually engaged with brush in hand, still, you’re In the art mode.
        And, I look forward to seeing your imagery as it comes along onto my screen. Cheers, Debi


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