Examination of a Starbucks mug (listening to Sea of Joy)

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Even though I rarely drink Starbucks coffee, a mug I bought several years ago (Chicago mug), is my favorite. It is heavy and large. It is my “go to” each and every morning. Help the soul who breaks this mug. If I can’t have coffee in this mug, it is a lesser experience at 5:15 each am.

It’s that important.

While drawing, I was listening to Blind Faith’s “Sea of Joy” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOZ5VcQIiFc). No better music for a hot cup of coffee and a life worth living.

10 thoughts on “Examination of a Starbucks mug (listening to Sea of Joy)

  1. Thanks for the link…haven’t heard that one in forever…reminds me of the softer side of those times. My morning cup was broken some months ago – and not by me – it hurt! But I’m used to another one now. That other was PERFECT though! Damn! ­čśë


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