Senses working overtime…

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… is one of my favorite songs from the 80s. XTC really had something, and loved the odd juxtapositions of lyrics and verse. Sense Working Overtime really captured my eclectic mood today. Plus, I got down, dirty and sketched with abandon (

26 thoughts on “Senses working overtime…

  1. Nice drawing, Barry. I once saw them live, while the concert was recorded for a Dutch TV-programm. They had to stop at 20:00; but they kept on playing. Then the PA-system was shut down; but they went on, on their personal amps; inviting everyone who was still there, to dance with them on stage. Big fun.


  2. For years and years I thought the words were ‘Censor’s working overtime ..’ and had an image of a man scribbling out ‘lime’ from stacks of letters. Why i thought this was likely I don’t know. Automatically seeing the blog title I was expecting a hand and pen – old associations die hard! Classic song and now will be singing it for the rest of the day! Great picture – I see coffee, nut and hips


      1. Still singing it washing up. It has now spread to the rest of the family. It has been pointed out to me that before I sang Censor’s working overtime, I used to sing Cynthia’s working overtime!


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