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gnarl 2

What a great word! Gnarl perfectly describes the tree I stared at yesterday, while drinking a Coke and sketching. The gnarl has to have been years in the making, possibly without meddlesome pruning by “management”.

The time spent observing, was the perfect ending to a perfect day of food, weather and friends.

I debated leaving the drawing colorless, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. Possibly I should have.

19 thoughts on “Gnarl

  1. A spectacular word indeed. I like the colours and the drawing, and the fact you tagged mission impossible.


  2. Re the colors, I always like the palette you choose – here, it’s perfect they way the green leaves jump out and complement the gnarly vine. I love gnarly vines, and sometimes I love being gnarly. Thanks for sharing your visuals!


  3. I for one am so glad you colored it and just right in my opinion! This looks new to me and at the same familiar….I can’t decide and it keeps my interest! Your work is something I will be sure to enjoy going through Im sure of it! 🙂

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