Pleasure center

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This is my Zojirushi coffee maker. It is slow and it makes my morning cup very much like a pour over. The big difference is that it warms the water.

I don’t.

There is something about the perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. It is the embodiment of good memories, a comfortable mind and all that is well.

27 thoughts on “Pleasure center

  1. Did you ever try a coffee press? Some call it french press, I think. I got myself one of those and I love the idea that you can let the coffee steep in the hot water for a minute before you press the filter down, tastes really good.

    Anyway, this is a beautiful drawing. ­čÖé


  2. I’m a french press girl, but in all honesty its all about the perfect cup of coffee. You can take away a lot of things but not my coffee or red wine.

    And a product with a beautiful design, well, yes please!


  3. I can’t live without coffee… That’s my drug!! And unfortunately cigarettes too…
    All the best for 2016 and keep up the good work, Barry.


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