My dear friend

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Ozzy copy

Ozzy is my dear friend. He came along when I needed companionship and distraction, when my job was eliminated in 2009.

He is a pain in the ass.

32 thoughts on “My dear friend

      1. I totally understand. Jernee too was 6 weeks and practically saved my life, gave me something other than takers to care for. Trust me… I know. Peace. I hope Ozzy continues to each you.


      1. Ha, ha, you know, when I wrote the I thought it very sexist!! but..woman’s best friend would be just as bad..humankind’s a bit long winded..hmmm, I presume you get my gist.


  1. Hello Ozzie! I have a few over here that are wonder pups but my house will never be the same but I won’t either. I wouldn’t have it any other way…4 rescue dogs, I need my head examined. Love your sketch in color.


  2. Your drawing of Ozzie touches me, as do so many of your drawings. I have tried in vain to subscribe to your blog, but WordPress is misbehaving for me—except, it seems, for my own blog. I will continue to check out your blog, but I don’t know if you can tell, because my icon never shows up when I click on Like.


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