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drink A

2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce sweet Italian vermouth

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Cocktail glass / or hipster vessel

Food optional

36 thoughts on “Manhattan

      1. Wow, my grandpa just offered me a bottle of homemade plum whisky today. I will do the honourable thing and have a couple sips from a glass , but I’m not really looking forward to it


      2. Make him happy… the last time I did that, I was with friends in Paris. My friend Aline’s dad gave me a glass of homemade apple brandy. Yeeeesh, it was horrible, but I put on a good face and was appreciative.

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      3. Manners are a must when it comes to anything homemade I believe. Homemade is heart -made , wether plum whisky , apple brandy or unintentional toilet gifts!


      4. list of Kentucky bourbons…

        Early Times
        Old Forester Signature
        Woodford Reserve Distiller Select
        Woodford Reserve Double Oaked
        Woodford Reserve Single Malt Whiskey
        Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey

        Bulleit Bourbon
        Bulleit 10 Year
        Bulleit Rye
        Old Blowhard
        Forged Oak

        Four Roses
        Four Roses Single Barrel
        Four Roses Small Batch
        Single Barrel Limited Edition
        Small Batch 125th Anniversary
        Yellow Label

        Heaven Hill
        Blue State Red State
        Bernheim Original
        Cabin Still
        Echo Spring
        Elijah Craig 12 Year Old
        Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Barrel Strength
        Elijah Craig 18 Year Old
        Evan Williams Cherry
        Evan Williams Black Label
        Evan Williams Honey
        Evan Williams Single Barrel
        Evan William White Label BIB
        Ezra Brooks
        Fighting Cock
        Green Label
        Heaven Hill 1793
        Henry McKenna
        Henry McKenna Sour Mash
        Heritage Fitzgerald
        JTS Brown
        JW Dant
        Mellow Corn
        Old Fitz
        Old Fitz BIB
        Old Fitz Prime
        Old Fitz 12
        Parker’s Heritage Collection
        Rebel Yell
        Rittenhouse Rye
        Trybox New Make
        TW Samuels
        William Heaven Hill

        Jim Beam
        Basil Hayden
        Jim Beam Black Label
        Jim Beam Choice (Green label)
        Jim Beam Devil’s Cut
        Jim Beam Ghost
        Jim Beam Honey
        Jim Beam Rye
        Jim Beam Single Barrel
        Jim Beam White Label 7 year old
        Jim Beam White Label
        Knob Creek Rye
        Knob Creek Small Batch
        Knob Creek Single Barrel
        Knob Creek Smoked Maple
        Maker’s 46
        Maker’s Mark
        Red Stag Apple
        Red Stag Black Cherry
        Red Stag Honey Tea
        Red Stag Spiced
        Old Crow
        Old Grand Dad BIB
        Old Grand Dad 100 Proof
        Old Grand Dad 114
        Old Overholt
        Old Tub

        Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon
        Michter’s Single Barrel Rye Whiskey
        Michter’s Small Batch Sour Mash Whiskey
        Michter’s Unblended American Whiskey

        Wild Turkey
        Kentucky Spirit
        Russell’s Reserve
        Russell’s Reserve Rye
        Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel
        Wild Turkey American Honey
        Wild Turkey Rare Breed
        Wild Turkey Spiced
        Wild Turkey 101
        Wild Turkey 101 Rye
        Wild Turkey 81

        Potstill Reserve
        Johnny Drum
        Kentucky Vintage
        Noah’s Mill
        Old Bardstown
        Old Bardstown Estate
        Pure Kentucky
        Rowan’s Creek
        Willett Single Barrel Family Estate 11
        Willett Single Barrel Family Estate 13
        Willett Single Barrel Family Estate 8
        Black Maple Hill
        Corner Creek

        Town Branch
        Town Branch Rye
        Pearse Lyons Reserve
        Bluegrass Sundown

        Barrel House
        Devil John Moonshine
        Oak Rum
        Rockcastle Bourbon

        Boone County
        Eighteen 33 Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 10 year

        Boundary Oak
        Kentucky Moonshine 101 Proof
        Kentucky Moonshine 121 Proof
        Kentucky Amber

        Casey Jones
        Casey’s Cut Moonshine
        Casey’s Apple Cut
        Casey’s Peach Cut
        Casey’s Grape Muscadine Cut
        Casey’s Barrel Cut

        Copper & King


        Corsair Nashville
        Corsair Ryemageddon
        Corsair Triple Smoke
        Quinoa Whiskey

        Dueling Grounds
        Kentucky Clear Moonshine

        Hartfield & Company
        Hartfield & C0. Bourbon Whiskey

        Kentucky Artisan
        Whiskey Row Bourbon
        Highspire Whiskey

        Kentucky Peerless
        Lucky Moonshine

        Limestone Branch
        Apple Cinnamon Sugar Shine
        Blackberry Sugar Shine
        Jalapeno Sugar Shine
        Moon Pie MoonShine Bananas
        Moon Pie MoonShine Chocolate
        Moon Pie MoonShine Vanilla
        Strawberry Sugar Shine
        Yellowstone Bourbon

        Kentucky Black Batch Whiskey
        Kentucky Black Dog
        MBR Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
        MBR Kentucky Mint Julep
        MBR Pink Lemonade
        MBR St. Elmo’s Fire

        New Riff
        OKI Reserve Bourbon
        OKI Single Barrel Bourbon, Barrel Strength
        OKI Rye
        OKI Barrel Finish Whiskey, Barrel Strength

        Old Pogue
        Five Fathers Single Malt Whiskey
        Limestone Landing Rye
        Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon
        Kentucky Wild Gin

        Second Sight
        Second Sight Unbarreled Rum

        Three Boys Farm
        Foggy Dog Flavored Whiskey

        Wilderness Trail
        Harvest Rum
        Blue Heron Vodka


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