Being alive

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Last night’s dinner was a gorgeous, creamy soup filled with turkey, wild rice and earthy mushrooms. My friend Kathy’s house smelled like a sachet of holiday.

While she stirred and her husband exercised, I illustrated. None of us know what kind of berries and leaves that sat on their bar. They came from the alley behind the house and were used for decoration for the Thanksgiving table.

Illustrating organics are my favorite type illustration right now. They remind me of self-portraits, body gestures; everything alive. As the season grows colder, being alive is assuring.

34 thoughts on “Being alive

  1. sporadically- the word that popped into head when I saw this. Had to look it up, never knew it before, nor how to spell it, but it’s a nice word as is your sporadically nice drawing


  2. I love your work – your style. Found you through Linda G. I enjoyed your commentary above, too – just enough to set the mood and allow me in. Like your drawing, a nice balance of negative and positive space with so much air and room for feeling. Lovely.


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