Spring Loaded

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spring loaded

I really didn’t feel like drawing for an entire week. With the events in France still fresh, the creative compulsion I usually feed, had no appetite.

Finally, I knew I had to get pen and brush to paper. It really isn’t a choice, is it?

To be in the act of making art is nutritional and spirit healing, sort of like a spring returning to its form.

46 thoughts on “Spring Loaded

  1. I think drawing is a form of therapy. I stopped drawing for nearly 10 years but returned to it earlier this year to earn a living from it, I have been surprised but delighted to find it is also a form of mindfulness. It has bought me peace in this stressful world, whether it be from global issues such as Paris or just from local gossip. By drawing what we observe we can find beauty in small things and our minds can find peace as we focus on observation and ideas. Art can be used to help process emotions so it must be considered a healing activity, not one to avoid…..but I’d do hear you.


    1. Thank you for your remarks and agree. For myself, I took almost 30 years off, concentrating in the graphic arts and didn’t produce for “me”.
      By making art each day, I have grown closer to friends and family exactly and because of being mindful.

      Illustrating as therapy has been quite the bonus. My mind is free, the little things disappear and the artist in me surfaces joyously.


  2. Art can heal all, not just the one who draws. Something you creat could heal another soul, who is hurting from tragedy and pain. It could bring them toward something they didn’t know was there, or lead them away. 🙂


      1. OMG! No wonder you commented thusly…because for some while now I have become convinced you give watercolour workshops, when actually it is another blogger named Barry Coombs http://www.barrycoombs.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=35&Itemid=167&limitstart=10 !! holy. I never went to his home page till just now and saw his photo and realised my mistake. And I’ve been commenting on his site in ways which are confusing to him because I thought it was you. Apologies.


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