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henchmanI used to ride a Ducati Monster, and now miss it dearly. Among all the bikes I owned, it was my favorite. It made kickass sounds in shades of black in muted chrome. Plus, it was my only transportation year-round.

If it snowed, I found a groove in the road and off I slid. The most frightening experience was riding in hail, but can’t tell you why. It was a been there, done that sort of thing.

The image is how I looked in my mind’s eye. Yeah, the baddass artist from hell. The one who scared himself too many times.

48 thoughts on “Kickass

  1. Hailstones? Like flies in your teeth? Yeeeow.
    Torque always wins — it’s there in the compressed airwaves, those wonderful ink-curves. Another fine one!
    Never had the whatever-it-takes to try a bike. Went with big block engines, thanks to an almost-husband who rebuilt them as a hobby. My g-force hat’s off to the people who v-r-r-r-r-ooooooooom on two wheels.


    1. I loved motorcycling, went through many country roads, city streets, etc. It is such an economical rush.

      However and am sure your city is the same – dumbass drivers. They are more prevalent than ever and took the joy away.

      I couldn’t have fun, because I concentrating on being alive.

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      1. Yes — those pesky ice pellets — wondered if they were flying into your face. Had to hurt. Or be very noisy if they hit a helmet/visor.
        At least flies squish on impact. :/


  2. A good story and a very fine picture to go with it, Barry. I like your way of capturing the details of hands and faces, sort of a bit distracted attention in the same way mind and thoughts wander; the way I see it.


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