Out a window

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Forever morning in a café, drinking, celebrating little peeks outside a window. I am side-by-side with a cute little number as the lines grow strong; they formulate in mind.

Perfect Fall; brown, red, scents up an espresso machine. Geese in a nearby cemetery, spooning each other for show.

Friends warming. Friends talking cha-cha.

20 thoughts on “Out a window

  1. Lucky I was, to follow this very last espresso dedicated drawing… From a friendly tcha-tcha , so far and so close, from sketching to final cut, for the art of a zen expresso !
    Thanks again Barry ! DR


  2. Montage, steam-heat.
    Wizard’s hand keeps the beat.
    Maracas in the soundtrack.
    (that’s only haiku-ish, missing syllables)

    I looked at this drawing and read the words, then left for breakfast. Came back certain that the words were part of the lines, all one swinging-and-swaying montage. It’s a startling effect.
    You made magic!
    One if these days you’re going to inspire me to try drawing again.


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