One pill

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1 pill

I kept hearing Grace Slick in the furthest reaches of my background memories. It was a nice sensation and wished the cafe had a sentiment, a timeline for everyone.

What to do this winter, what to investigate; I accept a linear challenge. If sleep never arrives, I will have enjoyed too many cups and full-loaded Micron.

Snowball hands or will climate change give me a tan?

34 thoughts on “One pill

  1. Poetry in motion. Cool color. Line upon line. Wish upon wish. Dream upon dream. Full-loaded Micron and too many cups – how we know it. I look forward to seeing what the winter brings us … (I’m wearing sunscreen, myself)


      1. Of course you don’t. I react to things in all sorts of different ways, this one had me count lines on the thumb and pen. I don’t plan it.

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  2. Not sure at all what Grace Slick means! shall google it later, but I am investing in a super size umbrella! Love your drawings to bits. that is a fantastic place at the bottom of the globe. About brain to hand stuff…yea strange that but I do crave that phenomenon but is difficult with photography and a few words and not being a poet!!! xx


      1. oh yea…the end of the swinging 60s.., Woodstock..Free love and more! yea. I had googled and found her and the white rabbit. Now, that is real stuff, no swinging lights needed when you can perform like that.xx Thank you for the link.


  3. Ooo! I know those pens. Mine don’t dance like yours do but I love them anyway (for their potential).
    “…a sentiment, a timeline for everyone.” Yes! I always thought it would be nice to have my own soundtrack, mute it when needed but mostly listen and live the days with my favorites, sotto voce (or not).
    The mug’s moving when I look at it. Closer to the hand, then farther away. Do ceramics (assuming) play hard to get in order to prolong a moment?
    Beautiful tie-dye colors!


      1. I wish I had been! But I was busy at school, taking Music Theory I and Choral Conducting that summer, early admittance. I barely noticed the music in the world around me and didn’t being playing catch-up until I was in my early 30’s. The only 3 songs that did snake their way into my insulated brain were “Nights in White Satin” (which I was sure was about knights, not nights), “Whiter Shade of Pale,” and “Bad Moon on the Rise.” I blame part of this on the fact that the guy I was going with was 8 years older and thought that HIS era’s music was the best so we never listened or danced to anything else. The other part of the blame is all mine for being so happy with Beethoven et al.

        Not all bad, though. Discovering that kick-a** music when I was an adult meant that I got to relive those years in an entirely new way. AND that I’m still discovering nuggets of pure honest-to-goodness gold. Your link to Grace Slick was the first time I listened to her sing. I didn’t know she did that song. Breathtaking.

        (feel free to delete this…LOL…it’s TMI anyway)


      2. I went to the University of Louisville School of Music for private piano lessons. All the while hoping they would come to realize that The Beatles were far more badass than Bach. Guess who won?
        Years later (many years), I am glad I had the experience, love Mozart to pieces and appreciative that my teachers were patient.

        To this day, I remember sitting on one side of the piano and my teacher on the other. She would play notes and ask me to name “that note” over and over.

        Now 61, I feel fortunate to have had a parent who saw to it that I experienced everything in preparation for my life ahead.


  4. I really love your use of color here. You seem to have a love of what an non-visual artist like myself would call “deceptive geometry” that I think is really awesome, especially because it all adds up to give a distinct impression.


  5. Its your color palette and lines that draw me in deeper. I will go with you to Patagonia while listening to Grace Slick (so awesome). Perhaps we’ll buy something with down in it and know that fine company will donate proceeds to something we care about.


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