Pale man

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paleman copy

Pale man drinks his coffee and wanders… through his day. He stuffs the bad while planning retaliation; cold desserts with sour creams.

He is just a human; gender man, with sensual curves down a hand.

Pale drained of blood, tastes chocolates in a cafe. He purrs louder than comfort.


41 thoughts on “Pale man

      1. Thanks for the art comment. I hate touching the kids… but it’s part of the job. He might have been angry because we studied Yo Yo Ma today. Hee Hee Hee.


  1. ….when drawings start purring all by themselves and the viewer actually hears slurping, you know you’ve lifted right off the page and into the heart. This literally speaks, Barry. It is a pale, circumspect portrait of someone who has overly challenged the best-before date stamped somewhere at the base of the neck. And yet, and yet. Like sullen grade fivers, the spark which ignites and animates is begging to be (re)awakened. The mystery is always present, always present….and few, if any, will physically do what it takes to help ignition happen. What a gift this drawing is to me.

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  2. Solid but swirling – life, in lines and words.
    You do the essence of art, I think; balancing competing concepts, almost like cognitive dissonance but with consonance instead. Or something. Sorry for the murky comment. It’s that kind of day.

    Amazing. As always, thank you for sharing this.


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