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This is a train trestle within and without. It is a bit of realism attached to my creative hand, where embellishment of design gives me a snort. By itself, the trestle is an engineering marvel that is a photographer’s love-lust. It’s angular and sexy for an old body.

I hope I just gave it a new breath of life and dedicate this painting to my friend Kathy. She loves detail and hope I satisfy.

23 thoughts on “Trestle

  1. ::runs back:: Ugh, sorry about those typos. I couldn’t resist trying, though. The light here is really beautiful. It’s shimmering, as if you’ve managed to capture it moment by moment as the trains zoom overhead. Stop-action in inks. Those whispy curves add to the movement, and the strong defined lines give everything an anchor from which to fly. I’m always struggling with perspective; trying to do this would confuzzelate me beyond reason, so I’m once again in awe of your powers. Wow.


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