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IMG_1584 copy

Let’s imagine a student in class today who said, “I am going to stab you in your head and then shit and pee on your grave”, and me saying “OK”.

What else could I say?

The kid was angry and lost it for about 2 hours. It’s difficult not to fall into the trap, feel threatened and angry with a 10-year-old. However, I don’t, never will and kept my senses clear.

This painting is what I felt, what I knew could have happened. Another time. Another place.


45 thoughts on “Stab

  1. Not enough superlatives, “stunning” will have to do.
    Trying to find footing in this one, but it’s so raw with emotion and the voice is so strong that I can’t look for too long without looking away to take a deep breath and then looking again. Not sure why but what you’ve posted makes me think of “The Empath” – a Star Trek episode. The pain that child must’ve been feeling! It had to go somewhere! I think that maybe you took some of it.
    Well, that’s presumptuous of me to say, but it feels that way. Anyway…….wow.


  2. You are incredibly strong! To have a clue how to handle this situation with a cool head, no wonder why you want to crawl back into bed. Thank you for caring and doing a very difficult job everyday. Your sketch is very moving and haunting.


  3. (A) Much love and respect for the job you do.
    (B) I am sending a metaphysical hug from Michigan. I hope it arrives in good condition.
    (C) This is amazing, as has everything you’ve been painting lately.


  4. …..2 hours is a very long time for continuous rage and without someone willing enough and understanding enough to mitigate it, the acting-out impulse could/would be catastrophic. Fetal alcohol syndrome comes to mind when I read your words, and the possible violence visited upon a tiny life still in the womb–thank God you have your art, providing a way of letting go, because the ways we’re prone to use for venting, victimize us more than heal. If only this young life could be given that outlet too. Your drawing speaks.


  5. Excellent creative expression. Reminds me of some of my teaching experiences in the Resource Room. One must try to follow the calm and release the tension later in a healthy way. all the best.


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