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When I cook, I do a minimal amount of prep. I enjoy the outcome, but don’t enjoy chopping, squeezing and opening. By the time I’ve tasted and put all the ingredients together, I sometimes lose my appetite. Honestly, I don’t how chefs ever sit down for a meal. The joy of the final product for me, is muddled in steps to finish.

However, there are times I enjoy the process, and they are with my friend Kathy. When we are cooking at her house, the work sings. Her husband is humming and I’m whistling while the “stew is simmering”. It’s a threesome who know their place in the kitchen.

There are some kitchens that are more suited to the prep than others. Her’s is one. With granite counters and surgically sharp knives, I don’t mind the effort for the reward.


32 thoughts on “Prep

    1. Thanks. In my previous life, i was an art director for 17 years with a company that managed culinary associations around the world. I had the luck to meet and dine with Julia Child on more than 2 occasions. Big thrill.

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      1. My uncle produced a documentary with Julia too! I knew you were an art director but not for culinary associations! Super cool. As was then, now is too – you have your culinary/art bent in full swing


      2. It was and found many passionate people from chefs to cookbook authors. Every year, because the national cookbook awards came through us, we were given about 8 to take home.


  1. This is really beautiful. There’s wonderful detail! Seems like they’re pushing each other around in there, those food and kitchen things. Lots of movement! I LOVE the strong diagonals. Like chopping? Slicing? Is that little corner with the circles a grater? Mandolin?
    Always, the colors – super.
    So interesting about your former work. Wow!
    A friend gave me one of those “five ingredients only” cookbooks and it’s still on the shelf. Three’s my limit, except for soup (in spite of all the love and care my Mom took to teach me how to cook and the hours I spend watching cooking chows). So I’m mightily impressed by the folks who voluntarily spend time prepping and cooking, and actually enjoy it.


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