A happy warmth along my lips

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warmth copy

Tick tock, tick tock… I get up at 05:00 each morning with a passion for coffee. Even my cup is precious, and wear this routine year-round.

I could say that my cup and drink are a happy warmth along my lips. I’ll leave it a that.

28 thoughts on “A happy warmth along my lips

  1. You and me both, Barry. I don’t even need an alarm clock. And coffee, ahhhhh coffeeeee!
    Cool drawing, looks like each of the those items are in mid fall forever in space and time enshrouded by your warm colors.


  2. Ok love the picture as always- and also yes yes yes on the coffee. Although I am NEVER up at 5am- I don’t even believe that time really exists. Oh wait- it’s actually 2:30am now so mayyyybe I will learn that it exists if my insomniac brain wishes it so…


  3. Mmmmmmm………..delicious! LOVE those colors! This one makes me want to reach through the screen and touch the warmth. 5:00am is prime time, I think. The world’s still freshly fluffed for the new day. And coffee? Nothing else like it.


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