Gave myself a quickie

American Illustrator, Barry Comer, Barry Comer Artist, beat poetry, black, Handmade Paper, line art, Quickie, Self Portrait, selfie


Uh huh.

Thank you Rebecca ( for inspiring me to try something just with line and form. After looking at your site today, I definitely grew hungry to do a selfie with a more accurate interpretation of self. Of course accurate and interpretation may not balance to all, but to me they are inclusive and as real as it gets.

Anyway, no color necessary and a welcome adventure into the black, using my handmade paper. Yes, it was a quickie for me.

A couple of hours ain’t nothing.


26 thoughts on “Gave myself a quickie

  1. cool to see the pure line. i like the perspective with the glass. i wish i could do a selfie, but i’m so vain i’d make it look better than i look in real life and then not be happy with it because it wasn’t accurate and … you get the idea.


  2. well,…I have to say I am honored! Lovely portrait, and no color necessary….keep looking through the looking glass! Great interpretation….and lovely lines!! 😉


  3. Looks fantastic, especially on your custom paper. It’s amazing how something as simple as line can create such a visually complex piece. What do you use for your paper pulp, just old scrap paper?


  4. you certainly have been busy and I have been non existent I know….my bad! But I love this….your use of line is original and accurate and precise! I am touched at my influence on this study…my self portraits have been far from accurate or even legible. But who knows….beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether real or 2d….and your 2d is excellent!


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