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pepper plate

But the colors are not accurate.


I don’t give a rat’s ass. The colors are exactly as intended and could have  painted realistically, if I wanted.

50 thoughts on “See

  1. a bowl of … peppers? i see a shrimp there, lol. definitely a crystal dish. and i agree, realistic colors are not always best to express whatever it is one wants to say in his or her art. bravo!


      1. Oh if we all had the power to put our thoughts as a shared visual. Looking more to the good side, I would have my thoughts and creations cast exactly as I perceive them. Words are good though. It lets people use their own imagination while my work is the seed.


      2. Like this?

        Midday Fun

        Skinny-scenting, sensual and drums,

        quiet times in memory,

        touch my taste and odor;

        beat my burns until they heat.

        My trapper of felines whose legs part,

        more and more, sensual in blue,

        hot in black, nails dark,

        at noon and half-past six.

        Pull them tight, together; make them smoke.

        Sunflower praying, heating up with

        cooked-up fun – such sauce.

        Breathe oil and grease; midday fun.


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