Dancing in the alley

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Early in the morning, flowers dance in the alleys and know the sun is coming. It is toward their end this year. They know it, I know it and my dog knows its.

As usual, we are walking with somewhat different priorities. However, Ozzy (Australian Cattle Dog) knows that I like to sketch as much as he well… whatever he does and thinks. One thing is certain, the scents are attractive to both of us.

This is my second painting in my birthday book of handmade paper. It certainly slows me down, but it yields great fortunes and merry discovery. Each shadow I see reveals its own dimension. Do you see the pages and how they reveal themselves at the bottom?

29 thoughts on “Dancing in the alley

  1. I do see the pages – happy belated birthday, and so glad you made a handmade sketchbook (as did I a while back and so I see others have too). It’s such a lovely dancing flowers. I love the way the paint and lines interact with the paper xo

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  2. Ahhhhh…exquisite! Love the delicate lines and colors. The fragility and power of life, in a bloom. Seems like it’s nodding at us while it can.
    Your words are very special as well.

    Happy [Belated] Birthday! That paper is yummy; nothing like texture to inspire.


  3. wow. Your new website look is very dynamic and alive, I must say. I do love these datura (I assume that what these flowers are) — Angel Trumpets, I think they’re called. New paper always lends an unexpected element, especially if you are painting on location — at least for me. I cannot, however, recall when it was I painted on anything with much texture. This one of yours makes me want to seek out something different!


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