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Not Sure

I’m uncertain about this image. It was painted on deeply pocked handmade paper from India. But, it was a much appreciated birthday gift from my best friend and wanted to try it out for size.

The image got ahead of me really fast with motion upon motion and deep swirls. Maybe if I look at it more, it will grow on m.

33 thoughts on “Uncertain

  1. fine pen strokes can be hard to lay down on paper like this….sometimes the nib of my fountain actually tears the surface, but these lines are really nice. I feel your movement and I like where you went with the color…pushed it a little brighter than normal for you…….nice!


      1. Certainly worth a try, Barry! (about the rough approach: It might be fun to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51maMDg8hs4 Unfortunately it’s in Dutch. The one with the glasses is one of our most famous comics for a large public, who plays the reporter Mr., let’s say, ‘Spread-legs’ and he visits one of our famous artists, the weird Anton Heyboer, who has several wives; and is at the and of his life; and he is an artist from the rough approach. May be you’ll find some alternatives for the paint-tipped-hamer…)


  2. I really like seeing the heavier lines on this drawing, seems slightly out of character for your sketches, perhaps this was the influence of the paper? … maybe you should be trying a different tool on this paper, maybe a heavier paper should be used in a more heavy handed way – it would be interesting to see what comes forth!


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