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Ever feel that a handstand sums it up? That was yesterday, tomorrow most likely, and today. I work with kids who are in crisis mode. They cannot fend for themselves and are emotional car wrecks. They likely will be the same tomorrow unless the heavens part and the tooth fairy does a drive-by.

Art is about expression and creating an emotional connection. If it does for you, read above. It did for me, handstand, left feet and a good dose of asymmetrical ball catching.

25 thoughts on “Handstand

    1. Please do, the welcome mat is out. I also write very incomprehensible poetry if you want to visit. I haven’t really spent time there for quite awhile.


      Sweet Addiction Mistress

      Golden wings,

      sweet tongue flying.

      Sugar girls, film noir.

      Toes touch necks,

      scratching grind –

      rhythms not sane.

      Polished bright for all.

      Come one, come all.

      Tent of covers.

      Spot in corner.

      Sweet addiction mistress.

      Grab my throat and spread.

      Scream and smell my,

      addiction mistress.

      Cut me and line me up.

      Sweet addiction mistress.

      Favored many, live long –

      sweet girl.

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