Coffee cups

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I finally have a sketchbook that’s perfectly made. After ruining 3 or 4 sketches on a Moleskine, I bought a ( It is fine German quality which can be felt on every part of the sheet. Nothing against Moleskine, I would rather spend a few hours knowing “I’m good to go”, than in a state of uncertainty.

Okay, back to the sketch. Cups really give me pleasure to illustrate. They have  beautiful symmetry which begs to explore, shave and hatch. They are also useful to contain the nicest beverage ever discovered. Coffee.

25 thoughts on “Coffee cups

  1. Since everyone’s on their second cup, I’ll take mine black no sugar!
    Nice paper you’re workin’ on there, Barry! Turns out I have one of their sketchbooks with the plain cardboard cover. Just haven’t gotten around to using it. It’s been on my shelf for a couple years.
    Love your drawing and how the beautiful blue background plays off the rich coffee browns (or the other way around)

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  2. Mmmmm… ::sniffs:: This even smells good! Love those luscious colors, and the way you made warmth swirl around the cups.
    Hooray for your new sketchbook – sounds wonderful.


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