Naked I left – help.

Naked Bar

I am having difficulty with my Moleskine watercolor book, paints or techniques. After 4 successful pages of opacity and smooth application, my inks are suddenly being absorbed into the sheet. The colors look as if they have been turned into an oil spill or grease stain. Needless to say, I have now ruined a few sketches. Fortunately, I took a photo with my iPhone before painting tonight.

This is frustrating and wonder who has an idea or thought(s).

Otherwise, I love this drawing from a bar/restaurant last night. It was a newer venue, hosted neighborhood couples and singles and had a nifty bacon spread with goat cheese on toast points. That with a Manhattan made with Four Roses, and I was a happy camper.

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Barry Comer

I volunteer as a design and communications consultant with Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky, the Democratic Socialists of America and teach children with emotional and developmental disabilities.

I have degrees in art and was an art director for 30 years.


  1. Happy Camper, remembering the good humorist Dan Quayle, eh ? 😉
    Is it possible that the colors are rotten? Had this from time to time with gouache colors, when they grow old… (the tubes extract water beside the color and in this consistence it’s not easy to paint with them)… maybe something similar?
    Nice drawing, btw.

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  2. There is a clear fluid that comes out of the tube before the paint does and it’s best to discard that fluid because using it (as I have in the past) messes with the binder and pigment etc. I just read about that in one of my books about textile design where one must apply clean washes, etc. to live artwork. Watercolors as you know have a mix of binders etc. This liquid using shows up on a new tube of paint, the first time you open it, I think. But I prefer pan paints. I hate having to squeeze out amounts of paint and not use them … I also prefer pan paints for a million other reasons. This is one of them – none of that gushy stuff to worry about!

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  3. Perhaps try having super clean hands before you draw and paint, it looks as if you move your hand around on the page a lot so maybe oils from your hands are being absorbed? Did you draw this before or after the Bacon and cheese!? You could put a sheet of paper under you hand. Also do you do any pencil lines first? Or straight to ink? I ask because if you do any erasing this might be affecting the surface…all things to try 🙂 it is a lovely drawing so would be good to see in colour!

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