I like a big brush

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I am exhausted this first week of school, and knew it would be difficult. How difficult… very. In fact, I have not had the energy or inspiration to settle in to a drawing, much less paint it.

Tonight I didn’t compromise, but I relied on an old standby; me. What better way to express this fatigue than with color, lines and mood.

I like persevering and holding a big brush.

170 thoughts on “I like a big brush

      1. It was amusing to me. They emailed and told what they were going to do. The first day was outrageous with over 1.200 likes. It has “dwindled down” to a few hundred. I am gratified to have had the attention, when normally I’m more intimate.

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  1. This is a very nice piece. My father has brought to my attention that the medium of emotional expression is art but the way in which you translate it on paper, the skill, is half of the expressing process. You can definitely see the skill in this but also directly relate to the emotional aspect with the subtle hand-rubbing-the-face and your use of color.

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  2. Perverance – the stuff that life is built on. Colour – the essence of character. You captured both beautifully. That forward gaze and resignation to the task at h

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