Her knees were cold

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honky tonk

Country music gives me a headache, unsettles my stomach and sounds foreign in my own land. I just don’t get it. However, there is a restaurant I like with all those things. My friend Kathy and I ate there, enjoy some of the better deep-fried and saucy things on the menu. The hash browns are one of my favorites along with Four Roses Bourbon (http://fourrosesbourbon.com) and a cherry.

I guess it’s the bourbon and friendship, because I forgot about the twang and enjoyed the “scene”.

23 thoughts on “Her knees were cold

  1. I am not a country girl either….but each to his own…there is a lot of lines going on…..kept a steady hand! I feel(not heard) a slow southern drawl, laid back but spicey….


      1. I’ve been more of an I. W. Harper man myself, though I wrote a hellish story once figuring “Nelya” or Four (in Finnish) Roses once. There were no “small sips” in it…


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