Chairs for ashley scarlett

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Ashley Scarlett ( posted a beautiful image of a sofa and office chair the other day. It had all the ingredients and essence of office cool and scent. I could even detect someone’s cigarettes in the fabric.

I don’t prefer sitting in offices, nor typical office furniture. However, I am always amused that designers took the time to create such schlock.

Thank you Ashley for inspiring me to go out and illustrate some “kafé Kool”. Not so much for the hipster next to me. He was quite full of himself, plus his black rimmed glasses were obnoxious. I don’t like hipsters.


18 thoughts on “Chairs for ashley scarlett

  1. One of the foremost designers
    Was Russel Wright
    He did a lot if very cool mid centry modern
    From silver to napkins
    To luggage,to really cool glassware
    You need to check him out
    Also his wife was a designer too
    They worked out if this tiny apartment in New York
    As always Sheldon


  2. I just think you haven’t met the right hipster…..;) Your chairs are spot on…and really go nicely with the back to school theme I see throughout the blogosphere…..


  3. I always like your subject choices. Many, if not most are almost abstract in their reality. (In my humble opinion) Or maybe it’s YOU who gives the subject that feel. Either way, I always enjoy the one-of-a-kind results.


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