Vulcan mind probe baby

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me as vulcan copy

This is exactly how I saw myself on the first day of school. The kids in my class were itchy, but for the most part compliant. However, and there is always a however…. one decided to be Dennis the Menace’s worst counterpart.

This particular student is troubled. His home life is not particularly Ozzy and Harriet and he tried to stab me with a pencil. Luckily I saw it coming, swung my arm to block his and took it out of his hand. It was not pleasant and could have made it a very bad day for both of us.

Tomorrow is a new day and the birds will chirp.

22 thoughts on “Vulcan mind probe baby

  1. I once was stabbed with a pen
    In my hand
    Great fun to pull it out and watch the blood rush
    Enjoy life 101 Barry
    It can only get worst
    Besides what better inspiration is there
    Then the smile of a child


  2. ….your sense of line is superb. It is such a familiar pose to(I should think) most of us and seeing it reminds me of myself. Teachers are often kids’ lifesavers–only they don’t figure that out until decades later. Without you, this boy would sink beneath the waves.


    1. Thank you very much Lance and do hope this young man survives. His instincts are intact, but also betray him. The learned experiences from home and street are destroying him.


  3. Hey Bar-
    Hopefully for you and Dennis the Menace 2.0 this relationship will turn out to be a valued one. I imagine at the end of the year lil Dennis hugging you as you have both grown to love and respect the other.
    Wishful thought I suppose.
    May the days that follow be increasingly better.


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