Day-O in my head

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Day-O copy

While illustrating my friend Kathy’s banana trees, all I could think of was Harry Belafonte singing Day-O. If you know this song, you are old enough to appreciate a very cool melody and very hip and young Belafonte.

He was and is the epitome of coolness in my book. As for the bananas, who would live in a city that is hot enough to grow them? Obviously, climate change is a loving and nurturing hot flash.

23 thoughts on “Day-O in my head

    1. I thought as I grow older, that I was supposed to embrace the heat and walk around like I’m in Miami. Well, I tell you that nothing beats an Autumn day and a nice levi jacket.


      1. i like your paintings and i want write more, but i cant speak english :/ ^^ i untderstand only a little 😉
        sometimes i work with aquarell pencils (cretacolor) and i like it, but im not good like you 🙂


      1. Me too (Mum’s mum had a lot of LPs). Also, my son was obsessed with 16 Tons (Tennessee Ernie Ford version) a few years back – it’s incredibly stripped down and brilliant for it.


  1. “…he said day, he said day he said day-ooo…”
    There goes my age.
    How bout this one: “I’m Chiquita banana and I’m here to say…”
    Love your drawing! I was just taking photos of my banana-grove to eventually draw.


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