Gentle restraint

Barry Comer Artist, Fruit Illustration, Hand Illustration, Industrial Design, Sculpture

banana copy

My bananas are ripe. Very ripe.

So it was difficult holding them without a terminal squish. Also,  it was unbearably hot today and a food illustration was requested, I took them on. I always like drawing fruit. The shapes never fail to amaze me in context of sculpture or industrial design.

30 thoughts on “Gentle restraint

      1. Is this what happens to us as we age? I never really embraced 80s music, as I was still longing for the creativity of late 60s and early 70s melodies. As we move forward by decades, my sentimental heart starts forgetting, as does the collective experience.

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      2. Mainstream 80s music was awful, but don’t forget SST, Grunge, Flying Nun New Zealand etc… The Rats startetd in the 70s as a Punk band and turnded into mainstream in the 80s.


  1. Beautiful! I like in particular the detail in that area where they are attached to each other, guess there’s a noun for that. Maybe not. (Brownish bananas don’t always taste so good but you can still turn them into a cake for which you need to squash them anyway.) 🙂


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