As clear as glass


Dr. Ph. Martin’s watercolors are the bomb. I just haven’t figured out how to use them successfully for me – until tonight. They are strong-willed, sometimes opaque and wonky to me. However, I love them and am determined to utilize this beautiful gift.

Because of their opacity, I asked myself if glass would be the perfect challenge. How do I paint, illustrate and keep the glass clear?

Having had a good experience balancing cups recently, I decided to try water glasses from the kitchen. Good?

I’m pleased.

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Barry Comer

I volunteer as a design and communications consultant with Family Scholar House in Louisville, Kentucky, the Democratic Socialists of America and teach children with emotional and developmental disabilities.

I have degrees in art and was an art director for 30 years.


  1. I still have to play with the ph martens that I recently got because of you!! I was under the impression tho that they were very bright and intense. You have managed to get a very light transparent result here….glasses look great!


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