What better way to enjoy dessert

Art, artist, Clean Dishes, Dessert, Dinner, Forks, Knives, Silverware, Watercolor

after the meal

Doing the dishes is my least favorite part about making dinner. As a matter of fact, I detest the hot water, random pieces of food in the drain and knowing I didn’t scrape perfectly.

However, the aftermath is something special. Because after the dishes and the silverware are cleaned, they can be illustrated using line and form.

What better way to enjoy dessert.

22 thoughts on “What better way to enjoy dessert

  1. …wow, barry. you take on artistic challenges I’d rather do dishes instead of attempting. how intriguing. (btw, the answer, I’ve found, to hating to do dishes is rubber gloves. it allows me to get close enough to do the job, but not so yucky close that I want/need to stop. I just love your choices.


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