Painted background and sculpture

Art, artist, Barry Comer, Illustration, Sculptured Sketch, Sketch of foot and hand, Tinted Background Sketch

sculpture copy

Today, I painted an entire page in my book with a sepia watercolor wash. After letting it dry, I took to the new found texture with expressive happiness. Each line became more meaningful, with more and more depth revealing itself.

There are definitely abundant possibilities for future illustrations, especially if I move to joining digital and analog. The texture in the background now feels as if it can support an introduction of further color use with a dominant line.


8 thoughts on “Painted background and sculpture

  1. I used to tone my black and white prints with a sepia toner and I always loved the look, but only if done correctly. It could be a tricky process and I never got used to the sulfur smell. This will open up a lot of possibilities for you.


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