My friday self

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It was a great week for illustrating and for discovering new pathways of line and paint. Even if I didn’t post as much as usual, I learned a lot from my errors and false starts.

I used to hate wasting a page in my sketchbook, until I realized that my perceptions needed the adjustment. Paper comes cheap, lessons and honesty are harder to find.

Let ‘er rip Let ‘er rip Let ‘er rip.

17 thoughts on “My friday self

  1. I’m very enthused about this post, because of the portrait and because of your advice re: ‘wasting’ paper. It has always been a stumbling block. My solution (of sorts) was to buy one honking roll of (yes, roll) of Arches watercolour paper from a friend who’d become so frustrated with the medium she sold it to me for a song. Surrounded by so much paper, I just shrug when things don’t turn out. I’d probably go through the whole roll trying to get a painting like this one. It’s great.


    1. You my dear Lance, are very kind and funny. Yes, I would go through the roll, but use it, abuse it and still have a fit. I don’t know why tools become precious, when it is the idea we cherish. It is as if we dare not err. Who blew it for us way back when?


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