Mr. Hydrocodone

Drugs, Hydrocodone, Oral Surgery, Pain, Self Portrait


Yup, that’s me.

Had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted, also a bad tooth adjacent because of the sideways wisdom and 2 implants prepared. All one can do is embrace the horror and get on with it. Fortunately, my best friend Kathy (an MD) was near via text and walked me through post-op care.

This sketch is pretty damn descriptive, but tomorrow will apply paint. There is no turning back with my left ear. I drew it and I’m living with it.

If you have noticed brighter colors lately, tomorrow’s won’t be. Today was a blur of shadow and odd sensations. Plus, I could see the dark shadows of an empty wallet pressing in my pant’s pocket. How I got this sketch on paper is a mystery, but as Kathy reminded me, “I probably learned how to draw ‘using’, so many years ago”.

Long live Cream. Their music has taken me home. (



36 thoughts on “Mr. Hydrocodone

      1. ok, cross my fingers for you and say a few prayers – good luck, my friend ! Want to see your great drawings and inspiring poems futhermore for a long time …


      2. Thank you sir and thank you for sharing my too early in the day, morning coffee. The pain got ahead of me and had to take a pill. Sucks.
        Have a very nice day doing the great things you do.

        As for me, there is a drawing and a visit to a cafe, setting up Apple TV for my wife (we cut the damn cord), and am sure, a nap.

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