Self portrait

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I’m finally learning how to “get myself”, but wonder why it’s been so difficult. I’m not particularly scarred or too much of a pretty boy.

In fact, I am 60 and finally becoming more interesting to observe and live with.

The wrinkles are starting to really kick in, my eyes are sunken from irregular sleep and the stress from teaching has made an interesting groove. I like myself this way and think that anyone who is picture perfect needs to get some experience. The line part of this painting is particularly satisfying. There is not too much nor too little content. Implied shape is much more interesting.

Friday is a great day to go tripping.

17 thoughts on “Self portrait

  1. Just take it easy Barry it’s not pretty when you fall and can’t get back up
    It has been so much of a bumber for me
    I can’t begin to tell you
    I haven’t been this low in a very long time
    Thank you for your support and encouragement
    As always Sheldon


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