14 thoughts on “Sorry dear, I whispered

  1. Barry – Although I have read and viewed several post I did not want to take up your time with having to read each comment; therefore I am only writing one…I believe to have found a site that I will enjoy for each post is meaningful and the artwork outstanding. Keep post all of your work is a joy to view and read. I am thankful to have found your site. eajm

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    1. Elizabeth, thank you very much for reviewing my poetry and illustrations. I started writing about 6 years ago with the sole purpose of “cleaning my headspace”, finding thoughts long forgotten and most importantly, being creative.
      The illustrations started 1.5 years ago with prompting from a friend. Even though I have 2 art degrees, I never really pursued expressive art in this way. As a 30 year plus art director, I expressed some, but my valued creativity had been left

      I am more alive today having left the commercial world behind. I teach emotional behavioral elementary students and have committed to an illustration a day. The poetry has been hard to come by as of late. The autonomic process of word choices and images seem to have disappeared.

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