Backyard sketch…

Backyard Bushes, color, drawing, Illustration, Leaves, line art, weeds


… before the mosquitos ate me alive, I took chair and sketchbook for some Saturday fun. With book in lap and dog at my side, I contoured, impressed and painted lines. Even though I am technically not painting lines, I feel that I am with strokes and different pressures. In this way, my eyes see the depths of the subject and tactile patterns.

The sketch was non-stop flurry, which makes me feel energized for the day.

17 thoughts on “Backyard sketch…

  1. You’re a braver man than I am, Barry (mosquitoes, noooooo)–and I do see into the depths of the growth the way you’ve chosen to do this. It is always a joy to see something which was done in the garden.


  2. We could use the rain,got some cool screen doors to resale today and some good kitchen cabinet doors
    My better half is in New York for the day,I’m chilling with the dog


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