Girl unknown

portrait, Portraits, unfamiliar

woman unknown

Way down where the hands meet mine –
my gloves, the tights and my round-steamed hints.

I am boogie, the dance up top, the willow that bends
and the freak out lyric – rattle cups, brittle nails.

My oh, my!

Gotta go up top and visit them girls. Gotta press the flesh
and see where it mends and taste with my lips.

My oh, my!

Put that light out, stomp the fire – give me hot wind
puffs – fast on a track, quick to go, pull the chains down,
tear them hair.

My oh, my!

I am boogie, I dance real tight – I rattle them cups with
brittle breath, puffs of song and yanked neck horns.

2010 Barry Comer – Illustration 2015

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