A warm day at the Mellwood

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I spent a very warm afternoon at the Mellwood Arts Center sketching. (http://mellwoodartcenter.com/wordpress/).

“Originally the Fischer Meat Packing Company, the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center has been renovated into a 360,000 square foot home to over 200 artist studios, specialty stores, galleries, teaching studios, office spaces, rehearsal spaces for theater groups, dancers and more. MAEC has been host to many exciting Art Fairs, Film Festivals, Music Concerts and numerous other creative events.”

I am really happy the days of screaming animals is long gone.

10 thoughts on “A warm day at the Mellwood

    1. Thank you so much. The lines/style are something I’ve been thinking about for years. Finally and with a big “whew”, did I begin sketching again last year.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for visiting,I feel great that you took the time to poke around,its like Christmas in May,the way I have been feeling physically
    this was what I needed,there’s just been to much on my plate
    Thank you again
    As always Sheldon
    Oh “WP” thing I been hearing a lot about things not working as they should,I have experience things myself all I can say is if you are committed you will find your way

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