Badass GMC ’50

1950 GMC Pickup Truck, 1950s, Illustration, line art, Urban Sketching


Along my normal dog walking alley, I came across this gem. It was parked overnight by someone visiting friends for the Kentucky Derby.

It has seen better days, but you can bet he is going to restore it to its original badass self.


16 thoughts on “Badass GMC ’50

  1. He’s a nice one! The faded colours work for this well-drawn old thing.

    I’m not usually a fan of these types of things so much, but I appreciate your stuff on here so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Don’t worry about accepting if you don’t want to, but just know your work is being seen and admired!
    Here’s my post and the link to the questions etc:

    Keep doing what you are doing eh!


  2. Yeah, I’m back here looking around. Learning, enjoying. This one roared off the screen – how you made it so fully dimensional is beyond me. Wow.


      1. I’m looking at “Exhausted” now. Running out of superlatives, will have to resort to emoticons or something. 🙂


      2. Oh, I’m sorry. But I’m learning from you and that always makes me a little too enthusiastic. Will dial it back. 🙂


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