Buy the bourbon, forget the garnishes

Kentucky Bluegrass, Kentucky Bourbon, Woodford Reserve Distillery

Today was finally warm enough to venture out, feel the sun and sketch. The plan worked to perfection.

Woodford Reserve Distillery ( gives damn nice tours. The smell of fermenting mash, history of the distillery and of course, a bourbon flight with 2 of their tasty beverages.

If in Kentucky, I recommend visiting any of the distilleries. Four Roses ( is tops and of course, Maker’s Mark is a crowd favorite. (

Beware of the gift shops. Cherries are $18 dollars for a small jar. Buy the bourbon, forget the garnishes.

WR copy

2 thoughts on “Buy the bourbon, forget the garnishes

  1. Sounds like a good time! Was this sketch your main focus, or was it just one of a collection you did? You always choose such out-of-the-way objects–what…draws you to draw something?


    1. Happy Sunday and maybe school is open tomorrow.

      Yes, it will be part of a series. I am “drawn” to the design; flat out. If it is interesting to my eye and is not from “the publicity photos”, I claim it mine.

      There were so many things to see, such as the ceilings, walls and textures.


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