A new approach

Pen and Ink, pencil drawing, selfie, Sketchbook, Urban Sketching, Watercolor

After consideration and a critique of style, I decided to sketch my friend Kathy again. Even though she is happy with the original and style, I was less than enthusiastic.

Both new and older are legit, and both exhibit an individual – a unique person.

But as the artist, I felt another tact was important for me. I wanted to prove to myself, the worth of my line and eye. I wanted to demonstrate an ability; to realize the person exactly.

Now accomplished, I am pleased with most everything. I do want to find the fine balance; the ability to display my line and not overwhelm the subject.







7 thoughts on “A new approach

    1. Thank you Barbara. I do use a wash and build upon each “level” of intensity. However, I start
      with either a very fine pen or pencil. I don’t bother to erase and just paint over “the works”.
      I like sketching using either and rely on my mood and sense of looseness, for my choice.

      Are you an artist?


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