I have learned not be afraid of me

Boulevard Saint-Germain, Leonard Cohen, Paris, Self Portrait, Selfies

Selfies are very difficult and was afraid of facing myself in the mirror. I have avoided the subject for as long as I have been doing art.

However, with encouragement from everyone and a special friend, I tasked myself with courage and abandon.

While doing them, I became more accustomed to “the me” on paper and began to let loose. With lines dark and light, pencil or pen, they started to come more easily.

Some were the fool on the hill, but some honestly spoke my name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXa0MAfOsoU

Also, I have resolved to begin writing poetry again. It has been over a year and believe my drawings and words will dance well together.

Blushed Romance and Foreign Lip-Lock

We sail smooth runners iced and swelled,
in teas of black with Chinese talk-talk.

Lay your hands on me, such smoothness tickles;
my fuzz and temptations –

you feel.

It’s our room on Boulevard Saint-Germain
where hush-hush is our language
of blushed romance and foreign lip-lock.

Les femmes de la noir – tenez ma queue et tordez.

We watch the sky and count the drops
and swirl our fingers over cups
and sculptured hair.

Saturday afternoons
on Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Me Cold

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