Pomme frites and dipping sauce

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Pomme Frites

Momentum is a beautiful thing, along with energy, the time to commit and a delicious subject. I normally drink a cup of coffee sans food, when sketching. The possibility of a mess or worse, looms over every stroke. Only on Saturdays do I feel safe to combine the two.

Food is probably one of the most difficult subjects to paint. Everyone knows what it looks like, tastes and texture. One misstep and the critics come out for blood. Look at food photography and know, that hours and money go in to the perfectly composed image. With my sketches, I know the only person I need to satisfy is myself. However, I have to prove it each and every time. No fudging will ever replace my vision and taste buds.

Along with a sense of reality, I also must contribute my line and composition. If I fail in either department, it is an interrupted triumph; failure of my sketch to launch.

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